An Australian company has announced that it will open its first massage room in a strip club, in Melbourne’s west.

It will be a reality show, featuring a female masseur performing on camera and a male masseur who will rub it on the breasts of the host.

A spokesperson for the company, the Sex-Starved Sex, said the location will be in a “sex-positive strip club” that was recently closed down by police due to the rise of illegal sex work in Australia.

The massage room will feature a webcam and will feature live performances from the host, the host’s partner, and their guests.

A video of the facility will be released online in February.

Sex-starved Sex said the venue would offer “a real, live experience of real-life sex, in the most authentic, intimate and erotic way possible,” in the company’s own words.

The facility will offer a “true-to-life, authentic and sexy massage experience,” the spokesperson said.

It’s unclear when the first massage facility will open.

Sex Starved Sex was founded by former Playboy model Jenny Blackmore, who quit her job as a journalist in 2010 and began selling sex-themed lingerie online in 2014.

She founded the company in 2011 and it has since grown into a major porn site, with over 50 million subscribers and an estimated 50 million monthly users.

A sex-starvation company, Sex Starvation was also forced to close after the police raid on its Sydney headquarters, which was reportedly the scene of a drug bust that led to the arrests of its owners and a man with a history of violence against women.

A woman in her 60s was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman and assaulting her four years earlier, according to police, who said the woman had been sexually assaulted by the owner of the company and the alleged victim was a prostitute.

Sexstarvation said it had been raided by the police “after allegations of sexual assault against the owner, a sex worker and her four year old daughter,” and it was “actively investigating these allegations and is cooperating fully with the police investigation.”

It’s not the first time Pornhub has opened its first adult massage room.

In 2012, it opened its own sex-positive club in the same strip club it owns.

It opened it in 2013.

It was closed after a year, but reopened in 2016 after the company was purchased by an anonymous investor.

The owner of Sexstarved said the new facility would be a “casual sex-focused massage lounge” with “a full-service massage therapist, plus a fully equipped bar, full-sized steam room and a large pool and spa.”

It was not immediately clear what the facility’s name would be.