By John Wagner, Associated PressWashington (AP) For most of its life, the U.S. Navy’s newest weapon has been called a “pusher” by critics.

It’s a small metal cylinder with a rotating mechanism that can be fired once the gun’s trigger is pulled, and then the gun can be operated for a second time to make a sound similar to that of a firing pin.

But the gun has also become an emblem of America’s gun violence epidemic.

In the past three months alone, more than 3,000 people have been killed with the weapon.

That’s nearly twice the number of people killed in the previous year, and almost twice the total in 2015, the deadliest year for gun violence in the United States.

More than 50,000 guns have been seized in the U, including more than 300,000 so far this year, according to the FBI.

It also says that gun violence has surged in the last decade, driven by an increase in illegal gun sales and an increase among people who are mentally ill.

The Navy says it is developing a new type of gun that’s designed to make its gun quieter, quieter and more durable.

Its new gun, called a pressure gun, was developed with a military contract to make the device.

The Navy says the new device uses a pressure-sensitive coating that will reduce vibration when fired.

The pressure gun is an important weapon because it’s smaller than a typical gun and less likely to be jammed in the event of a gunfight.

It will replace the current pump-action, bolt-action guns, which are known as “slugs” and can jam in a matter of seconds.

But the Navy says its new gun will be quieter, more durable and safer.

The Army has been developing its own gun, known as the “smart gun,” that uses the same pressure-activated coating technology.

The Army says it plans to sell the new gun by the end of the year.

The Department of Defense and the Navy have also been working on a device called a precision gun, which uses a magnetic switch that turns the gun on and off.

The Pentagon says its device will also be available to the armed forces by the summer.

The government is also considering a new weapon, the “dynamite” gun, that would be lighter and easier to carry in a holster.

It would be smaller than the pressure gun but more lethal.