An Australian couple’s strange massage session went viral on the social media platform Facebook this week, attracting nearly 100,000 views and over 2.3 million shares.

A group of people from Brisbane are known as ‘Aussie Bridesmaids’ for their unusual and unusual behaviour in public.

The group of six women are seen standing on a stage with their arms crossed and wearing a white gown with a red bodice, which is covered by white lace up skirts and black boots.

One woman in the group is wearing a black robe and a red mask, while the other four are wearing white robes, black masks and red leggings.

The members of the group are seen posing on the stage, holding hands, and laughing and holding each other up in their arms as they dance.

One of the couples, who have been dubbed ‘Australian Brides’, poses on the floor.

The video has been shared nearly 11,000 times.

But while the video has garnered attention, it has also been criticised.

It has been described as “unwelcome and disrespectful”, and some people have criticised the women’s behaviour.

“I am not a fan of these people.

I think it is just very disrespectful and disrespectful.

I can’t imagine what their parents are going through,” said one commenter.”

If they were born in a different country they would be much better educated and I think that is what we want to see,” another said.

The Queensland Couples Association has condemned the behaviour.

In a statement, it said the group was a “private group of couples that were married for life and were the love of our lives”.

“They were invited to be a part of a special event with a large group of their closest friends and family, and that they chose to participate,” the statement said.

“It is not acceptable for members of these couples to behave in this way and this behaviour should not be tolerated by any family, community or any other entity.”

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