A woman says she got a 4-year-old girl and a 9-year old girl as part of her massage therapy session at a Brookstone Massager Parlor in South Florida, but her husband has been accused of sexually assaulting them.

Jennifer Sturgill of West Palm Beach says she and her husband, a massage therapist, met her at a massage parlayment at a hotel and she was initially unsure if she should stay with them.

She says after getting her 3-year a-year daughter, the couple took her back to the spa and left her at the massage table.

The woman says her husband followed her and left the room while she was naked and had sex with her.

She claims he then put her in the shower and started to massage her.

Sturgil says she left the spa around 1 a.m. and called her husband at the hotel and they got into a heated argument.

Struggling to understand why her husband was still in the spa after she left, Sturgell says she asked him, “Do you like when I do this?”

Sturgess says her client, who was the first woman she met at the spa, then said, “Yeah, we should have done this earlier.”

Sturgll says she then took her client back to her hotel room and left.

She later called the Broward Sheriff’s Office to report the alleged assault.

She was also questioned by the Browards Attorney General’s office and the Browardo Police Department.

The Broward Police Department released a statement Thursday saying that officers were contacted about the incident and that an investigation is ongoing.

Stolgartens attorney, Robert A. Miller, tells WFTV News that his client’s case is being reviewed by Broward Circuit Court.

Miller says the Browondas Attorney General is working with the prosecutor’s office.

Stengill says she doesn’t believe her client is the first person who has had to go through such an ordeal.

“We’re just hoping it won’t happen again,” she says.

The couple have filed for divorce, Stengil says.

In a statement, Brookstone says it “does not condone nor support these allegations.

It’s important to remember that Brookstone is a family owned and operated business and has always maintained a zero tolerance policy toward the sexual assault of our employees.”

In a separate incident last year, a woman filed a complaint with the Browleville Police Department after being assaulted by a massage pro at a spa.

In that case, a Browlevilles detective interviewed the woman, who said she was assaulted by three men in a car in October 2016.

The detective said they left the car with her and drove to Brookstone’s massage parlet.

Brookstone, which opened in 2011, said it had no further comment on the case.

In May 2017, a man was arrested on charges of sexual battery after allegedly having sex with a 15-year caucasian woman.

Authorities say that incident happened in the parking lot of a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on May 1.

Authorities said that the woman and the man had consensual sex and that the man left the restaurant before authorities could arrest him.

In September, a Florida man was charged with sexual battery for allegedly having sexual contact with a 17-year and 20-yearold woman at a restaurant.

The man allegedly had sex in the back seat of a car.

The women were identified by their birth names, and they each told investigators that they met at a local massage parleyment and were invited to the massage.

According to the criminal complaint, the woman said she met the man in person and asked him to come over to her apartment.

She then had sex.

The complaint says that while the woman was having sex, another woman came to her bedroom and asked her to go to the bath.

The accuser said that she left after she realized she was pregnant.

The two women eventually went to the police department and said that they were assaulted, but no charges were filed.