A new app is hoping to change the way couples massage their partners.

The app, called Cock & Spa, is a way to get to know each other better without actually having sex.

Cock & Spa lets you massage your own partner using a variety of massage oils, body oils and even body creams.

Cock&Spa is a $6.99 app that works with Tinder and other dating apps to let you give your partner a blowjob without actually getting into the bedroom.

This is a very different experience from the experience most couples have with their partner, but it is still very different.

Cock and Spa have developed an app that can be used by both people who are interested in the same person and people who don’t know each others personal details.

Users can enter their phone number, phone sex number and the name of the person they’re having sex with.

They can also choose to go the route of using a “coital massage” to massage a partner.

It’s similar to the way you might massage your girlfriend on the phone, but instead of getting naked and giving a blow job, you give her a massage and get to work.

You get to give her the massage first, which is when she puts on her clothes and she’ll be able to feel you.

If you want to take the app out of the equation, you can download it and use it with other apps.

You can also ask someone else to massage you or if you want, you’ll have to share your personal details with them.

Cock is currently testing the app with users in New York City and Los Angeles.

It is not yet available for Australia and Canada.

Cock has already won over users who have been looking for a way into their partner’s personal life without actually touching them, according to CEO and co-founder Mark Hoch.

The first time someone has told me about the app, I’ve been overwhelmed with excitement.

The most popular thing people have said to me is, ‘I want to get in touch with my partner.’

I’ve never thought about this in a relationship before.

And it’s exciting.

I love it.

And I’ve got so many friends who have said the same thing.

We’ve got a lot of amazing feedback from people, people who haven’t even met each other yet, that say, ‘Oh my God, this is awesome, this sounds fun.’

I’m so excited.

The more we get to learn about each other, the more we want to share it with our friends.

And that’s really what the app is about.

What’s the catch?

If you don’t have the money to pay for a massage, you get to see a list of people who you can ask to massage.

The people who get massage are the ones who aren’t interested in your personal information.

That’s the real kicker.

So far, the app has been tested with a handful of people in New England, New York and Los Vegas.

The company is also working with a number of other cities around the world, including Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.

This could change in the coming weeks, but we’ve got to see how it goes.