Donald Trump on Thursday proposed a border wall and said he would have Mexico pay for it.

The comments come after the Trump administration last month approved a border fence, a move that was seen as a boon to Mexico and could help the country secure its border.

But on Thursday, Trump said he was “more interested in politics” than building the wall.

Trump is proposing to pay for the wall by cutting federal spending, and the border wall is one of the first priorities on his agenda, but he also wants to lower the U.S. tax burden.

The Trump administration is also proposing to build a new border fence along the Mexican side of the border, which would be built with federal money, which Trump said could be used to payfor the wall and provide other benefits to the U,S.


“If we don’t pay for that wall, the Mexican government will reimburse us.

We will pay for all of the costs of the wall, including security for the U.,S.

and Mexico, and then Mexico will reimburse the United States,” Trump said.

Trump said he believes Mexico will pay, and he suggested that Mexico could reimburse the U if it pays for the border fence.

Mexico has repeatedly rejected the idea that it would reimburse the US if it paid for the $1.6 billion wall, saying it would take more than $4 billion to build it.

Mexico says the U can’t pay because it doesn’t have the funds.